Routing Chart

Faculty member decides to seek external sponsored support, and knows the agency they wish to apply to and has agency guidelines?

NO arrow across Can use resources to locate funding opportunities including PIVOT, online databases, files, and individual assistance.
YES arrow down    
The PI prepares proposal according to agency specifications. arrow bothways A draft is optional and strongly recommended for those new to UH: PI brings draft to dept. fiscal officer to review budget, cost sharing commitments, agency regulations, policies and university procedures.
arrow down    
PI initiates & completes a myGRANT proposal development document (PD doc), Conflict of Interest (COI) forms and routes for required departmental, unit, and college approvals via myGRANT. arrow bothways

Approval by the fiscal officer, chair,
dean/director/chancellor ensures that:

1.  Other university units outside of the PI's department affected by the proposal have been formally advised of the proposal and acknowledge through ad-hoc approvals in myGRANT.

2.  Full consideration has been given to the proposed project, including commitment of time by the PI and resources required to complete the proposed work, including: space, equipment, facilities and personnel, security issues;

3.  The use of university matching funds, when included in the proposal, has been approved at the department, unit, and college levels.

4.  Commitments outside UH require commitment letters signed by the collaborator's institutional authorized signatory.

arrow down  
PI routes myGRANT PD doc with all applicable documents attached for approvals. ORS checks the proposal to make sure it is accurate and complete, and complies with all applicable UH and funding agency policies and procedures. ORS Grants specialist approves the proposal administratively for the university.  
arrow down  
Original proposal is returned to the PI, who is responsible for submitting to the agency, by hard copy. Electronic submissions will be done by the Office of Research Services.  

YES arrow down

Agency decides to fund the proposal? NO arrow across ORS and/or PI receive(s)
rejection notice. Proposal returned to PI with