What to Do When You Receive an Extramural Grant Award

You have just been notified that your grant was awarded.  Congratulations!

For the initial account set up, the ORS Project Fiscal accountant assigned to the sponsor will:
(1) Assign the appropriate account number,
(2) Create the Award in KFS,
(3) Review and input any additional attributes required for a CG account, and
(4) Input the sponsor-approved budget.

This Account and Single-Sided Budget Adjustment (SSBA) eDocs will be routed via the Kuali Financial System workflow to the Fiscal Administrator (FA) at UH Hilo - Paula Gealon 932-7688 gealon@hawaii.edu) at the UH Hilo Office for Research, Fiscal Administration Section (aka RAPD) and will be included in her Action List.  It is the responsibility of the FA to review the account attributes and budget for accuracy and initiate any changes in KFS as necessary. Contact the ORS accountant if there are any questions; please see the   link to the ORS website to identify the accountant assigned to your grant’s sponsor: http://www.ors.hawaii.edu/index.php/ors-staff-directory/96-projects-fiscal-accounting.

In general the account eDocs should be available for FA to review within three working days of the notice that the award has been finalized.  The account set up may require that certain compliance actions have been taken, such as approval of your study by the Human Studies Committee or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. If these actions are required for your grant and are not completed at the time the award is finalized, establishing the account in KFS will be delayed. The ORS website also contains useful information for account set up and management:  http://www.ors.hawaii.edu/index.php/start-up-a-manage/project-account-set-up/awards-account-set-up.

You may also want to contact the ORS Contracts & Grants Specialists assigned to your unit on the ORS Contracts & Grants Specialist Assignment page found here: http://www.ors.hawaii.edu/index.php/ors-assignments#uh-hilo

These staff members provide assistance in answering questions you may have on any of the terms and conditions in your grant or contract which can have a significant impact on the tasks you need to do to assure the success of your project.  Final decisions on grant transactions are made by the Fiscal Administrator.