Conflicts of Interest (COI) Module Webinars

10-23-2017 Webinar Recording


New myGRANT Conflicts of Interest (COI) Module User Interface

October 23, 2017 update: ORS has released an upgraded version of myGRANT COI module, which includes a number of bug fixes and a new user interface.

Effective November 28, 2016, ORS will launch the new myGRANT COI module.  For those investigators who do extramurally-funded work, the COI module will replace the annual paper disclosure form required of all UH employees by UH Administrative Procedure A5.504.  The new module will ensure that UH addresses any potential or actual conflicts of interest that may arise during extramurally-funded activities.  Investigators are highly encouraged to complete a COI disclosure as soon as possible to prevent the delay of any proposals or awards.


Effective November 28, 2016, the record an investigator makes in the COI module will stand as their valid disclosure of record for 365 days from the date of its completion.  This eliminates the need for most investigators to make a disclosure each time a proposal is submitted.  Instead, during the proposal process, investigators will simply be presented with a question regarding whether or not their disclosure is up-to-date.  Principal investigators will also be asked to confirm that all personnel responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the the project will submit their disclosure prior to the start of the project.  For those investigators with Significant Financial Interests (SFI), an update to their COI module disclosure will be necessary at the time a proposal is made, and again at the time an award is received.  


In contrast with the old annual form, the COI module was designed to streamline the disclosure process and only collect information that is necessary to comply with federal COI regulations and many sponsor requirements.  Key information that investigators will need to enter include:

  1. SFI of the investigator or their immediate family that may appear to be related to any of the investigator’s institutional responsibilities.
  2. The nature and amount of any SFI disclosed, including the non-UH financial entities involved, and how the SFI is related to any extramurally-funded activities an investigator has.
  3. Whether or not an investigator or their immediate family have a financial interest in any contract or purchasing negotiation, or any other financial transaction with a non-UH entity that may create a potential conflict of interest.

To access the COI module, logon to myGRANT and navigate to the my COI Dashboard as shown below:


After the investigator submits their disclosure in the COI module, the disclosure information will be directed to the investigator's immediate supervisor for review, as required by UH policy.  Immediate supervisors are encouraged to carefully review the disclosure, and input any comments or questions relative to the disclosure in the module that will assist ORS in the review process.  Immediate supervisors are highly encouraged to use this interactive process to vet any potential conflicts.  


Training Opportunities


myGRANT Conflicts of Interest (COI) FAQs


Please find relevant UH policies and procedures at the following links:


Contact for any questions or requests for support

Council on Government Relations Comments on the Common Rule NPRM

COGR has submitted comments on the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Common Rule) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, found in PDF and Word formats below. The comment period was recently extended by 30 days. Comments are now due by 11:59 PM ET on January 6, 2016 and can be submitted here.  If you have any questions regarding the COGR comment letter, please Lisa Nichols at


Word format:
COGR Response to the Common Rule NPRM - Page 1

COGR Response to the Common Rule NPRM - Page 2


PDF format:
COGR Response to the Common Rule NPRM

Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Faculty Workload Survey Research Report Supplement for the University of Hawaii

In 2012, the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) generated a Faculty Workload Survey Research report, which investigated the views of principal investigators (PIs) on federally-funded grants and contracts active during academic year (AY) 2011. In October 2015, the University of Hawaii (UH) obtained a summary of the report results specific to UH. Click the links below for more information


Summary of UH-Specific Issues

FDP Report

myGRANT 6.0 Go Live November 2nd, 2015

We are excited to announce thatthemyGRANT 6.0 upgrade will go live on Monday, November 2, 2015. Many new and improved features are included in this redesign to make the system more user friendly and intuitive. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the community hands-on period for their support and feedback. 


Starting at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2015, myGRANT will NOT be available. We will be taking down the myGRANT system for the weekend to implement the upgrades. While this upgrade will be seamless to users, we ask thatyou plan accordingly. If you plan to submit a proposal that is due within the first week of November please notify your assigned ORS Specialist as soon as possible. This will assist ORS in ensuring the successful submission of your proposal without delay during the transition.


If you entered a “live” proposal into the community hands-on demo system, you should have received an email with the procedure to transfer proposals into the production system, if you so desire. Otherwise the system will be decommissioned after the myGRANT 6.0 implementation.  Please contact the ORS Helpline orshelp@hawaii.eduif you have not received the information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about myGRANT 6.0 implementation.


What is different about myGRANT 6.0?

While all of the data capture fields remain the same, the look and feel has been redesigned to be more intuitive to end users.  Here are some of the key changes included in myGRANT 6.0:

  1. Redesigned to be more user friendly and intuitive.
  2. Left hand navigation; no tabs and show/hide buttons.
  3. Linear navigation through proposal creation.
  4. Quick access to proposal tools on every screen.
  5. Predictive searching for sponsor fields.
  6. Focused pop out windows.
  7. Streamlined lookups and upload process.


Will my saved/enroute/final proposals be available inmyGRANT 6.0?

Yes, the transition should be seamless. All proposals in the current version, myGRANT 5.1.1,will rollover to myGRANT 6.0 over the weekend of October 31, 2015. On Monday, November 2, 2015, all proposals will be available in the same status and/or routing state they were in before the upgrade. The cutoff for making any changes to pending proposals will be 5:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2015.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for the release?

If you are planning to submit a proposal that is due in the beginning of November, please give yourself enough time to:

  1. Complete your proposal development document in the current version of myGRANT before 5:00 pm, Friday, October 30, 2015, OR
  2. Allow adequate time to prepare your proposal development document in myGRANT 6.0 once released on Monday, November 2, 2015.

While we perform the upgrade, the myGRANT system will NOT be available from 5:00 pm October 30, 2015 to midnight on November 1, 2015. Please plan accordingly and notify your assigned ORS Specialist for any upcoming proposals due during the transition. 


Do I need to attend training before using myGRANT 6.0?

No. The new system is much more intuitive than the current version and should not require any additional training if you are currently using myGRANT.  However, monthly demo sessions will be available on ORS’ website for anyone who is interested after the release.


As always, if you have any questions you can contact the ORS helpline at orshelp@hawaii.eduor (808) 956-5198.