myGRANT 6.0 Enhancements & Known Issues


  • Redesigned to be more user friendly and intuitive.
  • Left hand navigation; no tab and show/hide buttons.
  • Linear navigation through proposal creation.
  • Quick access to proposal tools on every screen.
  • Predictive searching for sponsor fields.­
  • Focused pop out windows.
  • Streamlined lookups and upload process.


Known Issues as of 10/07/2015

Component Description Comments / Work-around Date Reported Date Resolved
Other After an error message you are taken to the maintenance portal (Maintenance, System Admin, KRAD Portal menu items at the top of the page.) Click on "KRAD Portal" to get back to the main myGRANT page. 07/23/2015  
Questionnaire Some questions only appear after saving the document. Some questions appear only if you select a certain answer on other questions.  After answering all the questions, click save to see if there are any new questions that you need to answer. 07/02/2015 09/24/2015
Budget Cannot upload subaward forms Do not use System to System (S2S) if you plan on doing a budget with a subaward. 07/02/2015  




The University of Hawaii Office of Research Services is excited to announce the launch of the new myGRANT system on November 1, 2011.

myGRANT is now live and available to the principal investigators (PIs) who opt to enter their proposals into myGRANT.  This also provides the UH community an opportunity to access  the system before the mandatory implementation dates - on December 1, 2011 for Grants.Gov system-to-system submissions and on February 16, 2012 for all proposal submissions.  The existing proposal submission process (i.e., Form 5 and related documents approval process) will still be available until February 15, 2012, if PIs prefer to use it. The November 1st implementation marks the start of Phase I of the University's myGRANTimplementation plan.

To access myGRANT at, you must use your UH ID and password. 

If you do not already have one, the individual wishing to access myGRANT must first request a UH ID and password using this page:

The requester must then add their personal information (name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.) into Profiler here:

Please make sure to (1) include your fax number; (2) enter the country code exactly as "US"; and (3) enter the zip + 4 (for example, University of Hawaii at Manoa's zip + 4 is 96822-2303). This information is required for certain myGRANT proposal submissions.  Once the UH ID is obtained, the requester should e-mail the ORS Helpline and ask for access to myGRANT.

If you already have a UH ID and password, please access the Profiler link above to make sure that your country code, fax
number and zip + 4 are already in your profile. If not, please update your profile as indicated in the attached instructions.

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support as we move forward to complete the Phase II & III implementations.

Please check our web site for online and classroom trainings if you have not attended the myGRANT training.

If you have any questions, please call the ORS Helpline at 956-5198 or e-mail


myGRANT UI Enhancements

Completed UI Related Enhancements Grouped by myGRANT Version


  • Complete front end redesign to be more user friendly and intuitive
  • Left hand navigation; no tab and show/hide buttons
  • Linear navigation through proposal creation
  • Built-in userguides customized
  • Search as you type for sponsor fields
  • Focused pop-out windows
  • Linear Navigation
  • Added SOLR search for Key Personnel
  • Added ability to notify key personnel to complete certification questions
  • Streamlined lookups and upload process
  • Quick access to proposal tools on every screen (Rice 2.1.7)

  • Sponsor Deadline Date (required) & Sponsor Deadline Type (required) has been moved from the Sponsor & Program Information folder to the Required Fields for Saving Document folder.
  • Elimination of required “Description” field in Proposal Tab.
  • Sponsor Deadline Time field has been added to help ensure timely proposal submissions.
  • Project Summary is defaulted in the Abstract Type.  The field will now be restricted to 1000 characters.
  • The removal of 20 defaulted questions from the Questions Tab.  Smart Questions are asked depending on the supplied data.
  • This new Proposal Summary tab will allow approvers to review the entire proposal in one screen and approve.
  • You will now be able to recall a proposal after it has been submitted for workflow approvals.
  • Total Sponsor Cost fields are now automatically calculated by the system.
  • Delegation of authority tool has been created to offer users to delegate authority.
  • Enhanced routing algorithms have been developed to include PIs and key people approvers automatically in Proposal Development workflow approvals. 
  • Reminder indicating that information will be lost if data is not saved.

  • Lookups for Sponsor, Performance Site and Unit have been improved by adding search engine functionality
  • New ‘Help’ tab was added to myGRANT with links to guides and help documents (this is now the default tab when logging into myGRANT)
  • Proposal Approvers can now add Notes in the Abstracts and Attachments tab while proposal is ‘enroute’
  • Unit search results have been improved by making the order of fields more intuitive (Unit now appears to the left of Parent Unit)
  • Message was improved when user with no permissions attempts to login to myGRANT (the message now gives ORS Helpline contact info)

  • Certification Questions are no longer required for non-UH personnel.
  • Improve Key Person instructions for NIH Multi-PI proposals.

  • Added the ability to use html hyperlinks in myGRANT so direct links to policy can be provided in the certification questions section.

  • Improved sponsor lookup by hiding confusing fields and implementing auto wildcard.
  • Improved performance site lookup by hiding confusing fields and implementing auto wildcard.
  • Required fields in Proposal Custom Data tab are now visible without having to click ‘show’.
  • Future Approvals message (displayed when proposal is submitted) was re-worded to be more intuitive. 
  • Improvements to email notifications; proposal lead unit information and ORS Helpline contact information added to email, proposal due date added to email.
  • Custom Data text box size was increased to improve readability of responses.

  • Removed ability to edit proposal while it is pending approval of ad-hoc
  • Allow ad-hoc approver to return proposal for changes.

  • Made Sponsor Deadline Date a required field in order to guide proposals in a timely fashion.

  • Allow Questions tab to be edited when proposal is ‘returned for changes’.
  • Allow attachments to be deleted when proposal is ‘returned for changes’.
  • Implement validation check after proposal has been resubmitted to prevent errors upon final submission.

  • Allow approvers to view s2s forms.
  • Allow users to search for older versions and non-final versions of Institutional Proposals and Awards

  • Improvements to email notifications, added type of action required to subject line (Approve, FYI, Acknowledge).
  • Renamed ‘Cancel’ button to prevent accidental canceling of documents.
  • Add spacing between action buttons to make it easier to navigate myGRANT on a mobile device.
  • Removed confusing proposal attachment warning message.

  • Made it possible for users with the proper permissions to submit document even if they are not the initiator.

  • Removed ‘Disapprove’ button to prevent accidental canceling of proposals.
  • Proposal ‘performance site’ field was renamed to be more intuitive.

  • Improvements to email notifications, added investigator information to subject line for approvers.

  • Made it possible for PI to view all their own awards in myGRANT
  • Access to Central Admin and System Admin tabs were hidden in UI.

myGRANT Online Training

myGRANT on-line Training is available in the University of Hawaii's Laulima on-line learning system.  myGRANT is the University of Hawaii's online application for proposal development/creation and grant administration.

The good folks at ITS were able to make accessing the myGRANT training on Laulima even easier for all of you that have not done so yet.

All you need to do is follow this link:

If you are currently logged into Laulima you will be automatically added to the course.  If you are not logged in you will be prompted for your Laulima username/password (UH username/password) and once you successfully login you will be added to the course.  From that point on, "myGRANT" will be available as one of your course tabs after logging into Laulima at