2007-2008 Annual Report

Online Executive Managerial Report

The 2007- 2008 Annual Executive Managerial Report is now available on the ORS web site.

The awards reported are those processed by the Office of Research Services (ORS) as well as the non-competitive USDA awards made to the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. For each of the two major sections, Research and Non-Research Awards, tabulations are provided by principal investigator, funding agency and by the college or unit under whose auspices the project is done. I trust that you will find this information useful.

The success in competing for these awards is a reflection of the caliber and dedication of our faculty and their national stature. There were many other project proposals submitted to funding agencies but were not funded. These also reflect the creativity and the dedication of our faculty in their pursuit of the advancement of knowledge and the arts.

The magnitude of the research endeavors reported is but a portion of that which was undertaken in 2007-2008. Many projects were supported by State general funds allocated to colleges and research units. Other projects were funded by the University Research & Training Revolving Fund.

All of the projects listed in this report and all of those carried out without extramural funds, could not have been undertaken without the strong support the University receives from the people of Hawai‘i, especially through the Legislature and the Governor. It is with great appreciation of such support that this report is submitted.

Details and summaries reports can be access via the search engine for the awards by PI, School, and/or funding agencies.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mike Morimoto at mcmorimo@hawaii.edu or 956-5198.

Summaries and charts

Total Awards for FY08
Research 1093 $211,778,184
Non-Research 665 $155,801,966
Total 1758 $367,580,150