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myGRANT Classroom Training

Training for myGRANT (Kuali Coeus or KC) research administration system will be offered to the UH community starting September 2011.  This training session is for principal investigators, fiscal and administrative officers, and all individuals involved in the proposal development and submission process.  The classroom training sessions are designed to give the user “hands-on” training and include the following topics/activities:

  1. A brief introduction of myGRANT and a comparison of the current “hard-copy” process to the myGRANT process for proposal development and submission,
  2. Demonstration of the myGRANT proposal development and submission process,
  3. Use of the myGRANT on-line training modules, and
  4. Development of a proposal by each participant using myGRANT.   

Training will proceed with seven [7] participants per class session.  If the minimum number has not registered by Monday of the week of your training you will be contacted with rescheduling options.  Thank you!

These sessions are also available online

Module 1: Proposal  Development

Module 2: Approver

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